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Using Your Language Skills

Using Your Language Skills
When applying for a post where using your language skill is not you primary function it is important that you do not over emphasis your desire to use your language skill but rather sell it as an added bonus in addition to your other skills. Your language ability is a very useful tool but you need to be convincing about how effective you will be at applying it in all kinds of different situations.
Companies and organizations that have overseas business, customers or links tend to offer the most opportunities for people with language skills. This also applies to companies that are web based or foreign owned. However with the ever expanding EU and migration of skilled workers between members states there are just as many opportunities within the public sector. In the UK alone over 300 different languages are spoken – English is very often not the mother tongue. To provide better service and ensure access to equal opportunities, many local government roles need people who can speak community languages. .
Language skills are indeed very important especially when it has something to do with a learner’s performances in school. We all know that there are multiple intelligences that a person can possess, not to mention the logical-mathematical, bodily-Kinesthetic, musical, and spatial intelligences. Nonetheless, call me bias or whatsoever, there is really an edge when one is intelligent to learn language in a faster pace because he has linguistic intelligence.
When a person is intelligence in terms of language, he tends to have a high verbal-linguistic intelligence display a facility with words and languages. Basically, a person who is excellent in his language skills are very good reading, writing, telling stories and memorizing words along with dates. According to Wikipedia, people with linguistic intelligence tend to learn best by reading, taking notes, listening to lectures, and by discussing and debating about what they have learned.