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Language Skills

Language skills are indeed very important especially when it has something to do with a learner’s performances in school. We all know that there are multiple intelligences that a person can possess, not to mention the logical-mathematical, bodily-Kinesthetic, musical, and spatial intelligences. Nonetheless, call me bias or whatsoever, there is really an edge when one is intelligent to learn language in a faster pace because he has linguistic intelligence.
Have you noticed those who excel in their language skills? They are utmost expressive verbally and or nonverbally. They involve themselves mostly on oral participation and attain very good grades on oral exams. If they are at their younger years, like as of an elementary or high school student, often the teacher recognizes this potential and they are given the chance to have a declamation or oratorical presentation or contest, participate in a debate classes, poem and essay writing contest, become a feature writer in their school paper, and a whole lot more!
There are many employment opportunities for people with language skills in a limitless range of industries. 94% of the world’s population does not speak English as their first language and 75% do not speak English at all. As you can appreciate it’s a multilingual world and companies are now realising that they need foreign languages to compete in an international market.
Practically any job can involve languages. Some examples include: credit controller, journalist, market researcher, personal assistant, recruitment consultant, technical help desk. Occupations such as those listed above are typical of the majority of jobs where languages are used. Language skills may be less pivotal in such jobs but when combined with specific qualifications or expertise they can really enhance your career options.
So if you want to develop your language skills and shape your future success, learn language immediately. Your language skills become a key to your accomplishment, and soon, you will bring this success to your aspired career in the future!