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International Student Insurance – US Students Abroad

Studying abroad can be an exciting addition to any student’s education, however, many students aren’t adequately prepared for a trip overseas.  Purchasing international student insurance should be on every student’s to-do list.

With specialized coverage for students studying abroad, visitor health insurance provides protection against unexpected illness or injury.  Unlike traditional plans that typically only cover students while they are in the US, health insurance for international students offers valuable coverage while the student is studying abroad.

International students who purchase student abroad health insurance receive coverage for emergency healthcare costs, including emergency room visits, hospital stays and prescriptions.  In the case of an extreme health emergency, coverage is also provided for the cost of transporting the student back to the US, which is often quite expensive when paid out of pocket.

International student health insurance typically does not cover non-emergency medical treatments, such as dental cleanings or annual physicals.  Instead, the coverage is intended only for unexpected illness or injury.

When considering which student abroad insurance plan to purchase, compare the different plans by coverage options provided, cost, and the size of their medical network.  Be sure to find a company that has providers and covered hospitals in the country that your student is travelling to before purchasing a plan.

The cost of unexpected medical care without visitor medical insurance is substantially higher than the cost of international student insurance.  When considering how much you can afford for a high-quality plan, consider the cost of high-priced medical evacuations or surgical procedures.  With the proper insurance, you can feel confident that you student will be protected and you won’t be faced with high medical bills.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the same health insurance a student has at home will cover them while studying abroad.  Whether there is an unexpected sports injury or sudden illness that requires a hospital stay, the only way to stay fully protected is with health insurance for international students.

International student health insurance should be an important purchase for any student travelling overseas.  Stay protected and protect your financial future with a student health plan that provides coverage for the unexpected events in life.